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Branding identity plays vital role in creating value of individual / person, company, product and service beyond logo making. We provide top standard work through creativity which gives highest level of end result to our clients. Branding is the main part of our work we carry out.

EDDYs Global does super quality brand designing with good accuracy in final outcome. We create it from start or do it in the running business, client’s branding is taken with great care and precision. Branding Services of EG includes: Research and Planning, Design of Logo / Brand & Styling, Marketing Collateral, Design of E-Mail & Landing Page, Making of Style, Design of Presentation, Support Materials for Event.
Under Planning and Research we help in refreshment of Brand or creating it from Start, We use latest methodology and modern techniques for implementation. We do Audit and Research of the Brand, do analysis of competitors in the market, market research and others suiting the need to ensure best outcome.

Our Branding Services

Logo Styling and Designing: Brand is Backbone, Identity, Expression, Feel, trust of any product or service, we do vigorous research and analysis to put them into our working to get an amazing outcome involving modern concept and techniques.
Marketing Collateral: EDDYs Global helps by making Sales Presentations, Brochures and Product Data Sheets, Info graphics, Newsletters / White Papers, Email Blasts, Case Studies, Industry Reports, eBooks, Blogs, Content Writing and Others.


We do Brand identity Working in which we carry out work of Auditing of Brand, Positioning of Brand, Design of Logo, Brand Styling, Graphic Setup / Level, Layout / Format Setting & Suggestion. Additionally we carry out work of making styles of Visiting Card, Letter Head, Envelope and others.
Branding now a days has different kind of approach adopting modern concept and creating people connection with the brand. For this we adopt the right methods and strategy to get powerful impact.

EDDYs Global offers normal and digital marketing services. We mix and match digital marketing techniques to an existing marketing plan.

Email & Landing Page Design

We know the importance of Email now a days, an email of yours creates the first impression through itself about the Brand. An impressive email converts the click rate of your mail or poor email can simply be shown way to bulk / spam or trash. It also gives information about special offers given by you, any upcoming event, any new product or service introduction. Analytics service can help you getting information about who is receiving your message and what the response is approximating what has been converted in sales.

Design Presentation: We help in making Design of your Presentation Template in the file formats in Power Point, Keynote, JPEG and PDF.

We sit with the requirements of our client and we suggest as what supports are required in order to get highest level of outcome from work.

We give our services in which we merge and mix match the requirement and give it a way for proper branding thru which your product or service flourish much effectively.

We make very effective planning and strategy in making a branding and marketing plan for this type of business and further add new methods and dimensions resulting opening new avenues for the business refreshing it.

Our Branding & Marketing Services:

  • Content Marketing
  • Photography and Videography
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEM - Online Advertising and Email Marketing
  • Graphics - Animation and Motion and Info Graphics
  • Content Writing and Copywriting
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Enhance Your Brand Portfolio

We give suggestions, scopes and training to your staff also for an enriched Business Portfolio they carry. Market recognition gives them boost which results in higher output. It gives immense boost to the marketed product or service.

We Help Right from the beginning in choosing name of brand. Logo development, story, theme, type of business. Team Building and Standard Operating Procedure with Training. Our Expert Team takes care and Helping selecting best methods for the structure suited for you.

Selecting Manpower, Building Team, Actual Teaching, We help you to gain happiness and peace of mind.

Our Expert Team Helps in Making Systems and Reporting Patterns with Proper Guidance. Just Ask for it.

System Building ensures timely execution of works effortlessly, ensuring professional environment for you always.

We have dedicated team who do promotions and make effective Website for you, we ensure international standard layout of Websites and work on each theme, colour, board, write-up to give you best of Promotion and Website, resulting best of returns for you.