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EDDYs Global is one of Delhi NCR’s best running privately owned Fashion / Garment Industry Advisors. We advise across a wide range of Garment and Fashion Industry Compliance Norms and Help in Getting Implemented.

Social compliance refers to how a business treats its employees, the environment and their perspective on social responsibility. It refers to a minimal code of conduct that directs how employees are treated with regards to wages, working hours and work conditions. To ensure that the company meets standards of various environmental laws, it may be necessary to conduct a compliance audit.

Common compliance code

There is a huge compliance fatigue in the Indian apparel export industry. Although catering to the global brands, apparel suppliers are yet to accept that compliance is an essential management practice. Further, the Indian apparel export industry has decided to adopt zero tolerance on child labour and cleanse the supply chain.

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Legal Compliance: Compliance – Statutory Requirements Factory Licence & Renewal, Stability Certificate, ESIC & EPF Registration, Standing Order, SS (MSME), Pollution (Air & Water), Fire NOC, Gen Set Permission, Evacuation Plan, Rent Permission (Noida Authority) Completion & Functional Social Compliance: Compliance – Social, Technical Audits and Certifications SA8000, BSCI, ETI SEDEX, WRAP, CTPAT & Buyers COC Audits and others if any.

At EDDYs Global we know it is all about You… whether it is that important Legal Compliance or Social Compliance Advise and Help, let our experienced advisors assist.

Need of Compliance Codes

There is a direct impact of social compliance on company’s financial results, especially for organisations in consumer market where brand name and reputation are most critical assets. Companies should adopt compliance code to protect their goodwill in the market. The Indian garment industry needs to be tough on compliance rather than competing with other developing countries manufacturing inexpensive garments.

Need of Compliance Audit

Compliance auditing has become an important task to ensure if the company meets standards of various environmental laws. It is needed to check the welfare of the people working within the boundaries of the garment factory if they are getting wages at the right time, check on working hours and health and safety of the work force.
In order to measure the company’s performance, it is important to continuously adhere to quality standards and employee satisfaction in garment industry. The compliance program team with regular auditing can bring the desired change in the code of conduct, ethics and other issues based on compliance. Further, they provide training on the code of business conduct, violence in the work place, different competition laws, prevention of drug abuse and several other important matters.

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Yes, We also provide list of compliance points to be covered after Pre-Audit.

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Benefits of CSR/ Business Compliance

When business compliance is taken into consideration, it gives immense benefits to both employees and the organisation. CSR can positively influence enterprise competitiveness in many ways such as:

  • Cost savings and increased profitability due to a more efficient deployment of human and production resources
  • Improved products / production processes result in better customer satisfaction
  • Higher motivation and loyalty of employees
  • Enhanced corporate or brand reputation, image and value
  • Improved culture within the organisation
  • Enhanced word-of-the-mouth communication
  • Increased turnover due to competitive advantage
  • Better access to public funds due to a better corporate image

Phases of Audit

There are three main phases of compliance audit in India:

It includes planning and organising the audit; establishing the audit objectives, scope and etiquette; and reviewing the design of the program by inspecting documentation

It includes conducting personnel interviews, reviewing records, and making observations to assess program implementation

It includes briefing the management on audit findings, and preparing a final report