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Standard operating procedure (SOP) is essential part of the garment industry. SOP is well known and is widely used by many organized factories. SOP can be defined as a step-by-step written procedure about how to do a job that gives desired result and maintains consistency in results. SOP can also be defined as a checklist for the user (operator) who is going to do a particular job and it is a sure success method of doing a job. Starting a business is an exciting proposition, but it’s also an incredibly challenging undertaking. The resources taken from us in this section helps you learn about what it takes to start a Fashion / Garment Business.

Consistency in Result

As said on the above when SOP is followed factory will get same result every time. Consistency would result in enhanced factory performance and even if a person doing the job is changes; result would remain the same. It does not matter who is doing the job, important thing is operators should use standard procedures.

Right Quality First Time

Organizations aim not just to produce a product but a quality product. When standard procedures are followed, desired result would come at the end of the process. Use of SOP reduces the chance of making mistakes for common errors. Right first time quality production has its own number of other benefits.

Better concentration on work rather than asking every time how to do the job. A well written SOP set for processes and sub-processes, gives direction to operators how to do a given task and how things will go. When there are no clear instructions and procedures, operators may follow wrong procedure and do mistakes. On the other hand managers don’t need to prepare list of comments in every meeting and give instructions to their supervisors and executives. Everyone can concentrate on the task, instead of meetings for setting procedures every day.

Reduced process delay: As SOP contains detailed step by step procedure of doing a task, operator does not need to think before starting a task. Operators do not need to wait for work instructions from their managers. Operator can keep them busy in work and complete the task faster.

Explained Methods

SOP makes it easy to train employees in new process. It will also be easy for newcomers to learn the procedures and attain objectives. Also HODs do not need to remind precautions to their subordinates while delegating works every time.

Minimizes miscommunication: Garment industry is considered as an unorganized industry. In this industry small number of professionals who can communicate effectively. A well written SOP can improve the communication gap between supervisor and workers, Managers to supervisors etc. and minimize miscommunication in work instruction and training.

Work Place Safety

Work place must be safe for employees. A SOP written for how to operate a machine improves safety of the workers.

You need to have SOP at place which gives system to your whole working. We Help in Every Aspect with Full Energy

Yes, We Do, We sit with our Clients and take note of all the aspects related and Give Our Expert Advice based on Knowledge and Market Experience, We have good Team from this Field of Fashion Industry who help you very closely.

Yes, We Do, Get Expert Advice from our Team and Get the Same Going.

Yes, You Get all Help Related to SOP, Planning, Staff Training and System Building. We give Our Advice on All aspects or Help in Concerned Area of Yours.

Standard Operating Procedure – Type of Industry Classification

  • Woven Garment Factory and Establishments
  • Knit Garment Factory and Establishments
  • Sweater Garment Factory and Establishments

Process Flow Chart of Garment Manufacturing

When Stating a Business, Advice from Us on SOP can Help you Avoid Common Pitfalls in Business. We Help in getting your Business Structured so that you have long lasting Business Establishment.

We Help Right from the beginning in preparing SOP Procedures along-with Documentations and Reporting Forms with flow chart to ensure a Proper System for your Garment Manufacturing Unit. Standard Operating Procedure with Training to your Staff. Our Expert Team takes care in Helping and selecting best methods for the structure suited for you.

Detecting Efficiency and Suggesting Best of Standard Operating Procedure for you. We help you to gain happiness and peace of mind.

Our Expert Team Helps in Training your Staff for Systems and Reporting Patterns with Proper Guidance. Just Ask for it.

Staff Training ensures timely execution of works effortlessly, ensuring professional environment for you always.

We have dedicated team who give Guidance make effective Plans, we ensure top standard SOP layout and work on each step comprehensively and methodically resulting best of returns for you.